Hmmmm. How will eHarmony commercials look now that Fred Durst will do some directing?

How much of that $3.2 billion is Dr. Dre going to get from Apple?

2013 had lots of Noah's.

SHIELD was renewed for another year, and Agent Carter (from Captain America) was green lit. Neither a surprise

Audrina Patridge and I have the same birthday! :)

There it is. Netflix raises prices for me...since I'm not a customer yet.

You gonna jump on the Pipe Scream at Cedar Point this summer?

I would probably never order scorpions as a pizza topping. But I guess never say never. 

Michael Bay has pleased me. Frank Welker, original voice of Megatron and Galvatron will voice the latter in the AOE. Nerdnote! Galvatron was voiced by Leonard Nimoy in the '85 movie. Welker in the cartoon.

Watch the video for Sia' Chandelier. Love the track, and it'll give you a fill of Adele until she drops new music.

New Wu Tang revealed.