Big and bulky Ben Affleck, getting ready for Batman. 

Positive reasons to encourage Internet trolling on sites. Basically, it gets people to engage, often creatively, and letting other commenters police things is best. 

I can't recall Britain ever having a hurricane before, can you?

The Counselor, with all those A list stars, is the worst movie ever

By posting this Russell Brand interview, I'm sharing my political beliefs. Which shows that I don't believe in politics :)

All about the 'importance' of hair-chestedness, on men of course. 

These Jack O Pumkin Lanterns are prob better than your artwork. Sorrys. 

My dog hates his harness, I doubt he'd even consider letting me dress him up

Indiana Bones. Heh. More pics of pets dressed up. Click him for more!

Heh. Horseless Headsman.