Flappy Bird is installed on this iPhone. It's $90,000.

 Imagine if we got rid of every time suck in our lives. 

It's easy to forget Olympic athletes aren't usually famous. Mannings and Lebrons are few and far between. So if you get the spotlight, damn right you're going make the most of it. Like putting your phone number on your helmet, to get numbers, and naked selfies. 

If the NFL, its teams, players and executives can handle the circuses around Tebow and Manti Teo, then an openly gay player - especially a good one - should be manageable. 

How long is Dumb Starbucks going to last.

Ashley Wagner is not impressed

I have a friend who loves Superman more than I love Batman. He's gonna kill himself if he doesn't run into Henry Cavill, who seems to have basically transplanted his life into the Detroit burbs. Cavil at Motor City Crossfit

Ben McKenzie is going to be Gotham's Jim Gordon. 

King of the jungle. Right outside your car window.