Chicken fighting is not cock fighting

And again, don't blame Buckeye for the spat with Viacom, that's now been resolved anyway. They were part of a larger cable group called the NCTC that did the negotiation for them and others. 

Chile had a 7.6 shaker of an earthquake. Yep, a day after one that was over 8. LA had a quake over 5 last week, so does this all foretell of a global shockwave on the horizon?

EVERYDAY, when I'm in the studio CNN has some new nonsense on about that damn missing plane. 

Abandon malls of America include two that were here, until their demolition. 

You just might want a robot kangaroo. I would like a real one. 

So Sweet is open, and probably perfect for you if you have sweet teeth. 

Ugh, that dog that was shot last week had to have its leg amputated

Sleeping parents to be. So technically these are #aftersex pics.

Will Ferrell on The Masters.

Why are all the bison in Yellowstone running?

Superman saves Gravity.