The maker of Candy Crush says it's worth $7.6 billion. 

Marvel is going toe to toe with Batman/Superman on 5/6/15.

Either China should fix the smudge on its satellite, or perhaps it saw a giant sea monster that snatched the missing Malaysian jet from the sky. 

This is appropriate...

How a plane goes missing in 2014. 

Lizard head in gourmet salad. Yum. 

Two things after seeing the Lindsay Lohan lover list. One, what if this was one big STD circle. Two, what if I wrote down a list of names? Would you believe me?

The only thing missing in the DJ Snake video for Turn Down is Ken Jeong. 

Lebron's phone erased EVERYTHING in his life. He tweeted about it. Bad, considering his Samsung partnership. He got his stuff back though.  

Toledo road crews and others, thanks for pulling the long shifts that you did.