Are you a creative type? Do you do any of these 18 things

Remember Knockout? It may have been replaced by a choking game where kids get high. 

Put an ice cube in your cleavage to stay cool on hot days

Chris Pratt is witty, magnetic, charming and good looking. His GOTG promo appearances are ranked

On GOTG. Good movie, mediocre Marvel movie. Or maybe I just agree with this article how the Infinity Stones are anchoring down Marvel's substantive growth. The exceptional acting skills of RDJ and Chris Pratt will always carry the movies, but I'm barely enthused by the cosmic direction of Disney's crown jewel franchise. On the precipice of being a major component, Thanos can wipe out a universe with a thought, but yet, he's always conquered in the end - in the comics anyway. I'm not certain an indomitable, inexorable bad guy stopped by the group we know (Doctor Strange on call) will be all that engrossing on screen. 

Lebron looks different. Skinny. 

Popular surfing videos are usually near miss shark attacks...not cute, playful seals.