I'm just gonna assume you've seen the video of Fox in Denver briefly airing a pic of a penis

On a similar note, a British jury was briefly dismissed for laughing at the size of a man's penis. 

It's becoming a sad epidemic that people are getting killed at movie theaters for nonsensical (that's all they can be) arguments. 

The missing Malaysian plane's pilot had a flight simulator at home. Not odd. But now some data has been found to have been erased from it. Ruh roh. 

There WILL be a Ghostbusters 3, but the original director won't be taking that job again. I don't think that's a bad thing. 

The Googler (that's me, or was), the pain-all-over person, and the other people that go to the ER

I've always wondered, do those prescriptions I don't finish remain reliable even AFTER the expiration date? BTW, your smartphone is made to last about 21 months. 

Yo! Truck drivers, when they tell you to stay off bridges because of high winds, stay off of them. 

And CONFIRMED. The Spider-Man universe is about to spew its web. Sinister. And here's the Sinister Six. And if you need the Wiki on it all. Yes, it's risky. I love comic book movies, but I do sit around wondering when the threshold of tolerance for the genre will be met. Quality movies put that reckoning deeper into the future, and YES, Marvel needs to be viewed through the lens of their owners, Disney. Ahhhh, now it doesn't seem like too much! But one day it might.