Gotham, a show centered around Jim Gordon. This is going to be a let down. It's easy for me to why SHIELD got the green light. Phil Coulson certainly garnered a cult following over the films, but ultimately, it's what Joss wanted. And Joss is to Marvel what Christopher Nolan was to TDK trilogy. Furthermore, as powerful as Bale was at Batman, Oldman was the same for Gordon. And, if B/S unveils their Gordon, we'll likely have dueling Gordon's down the road. Joy. 

Oh, so this is why Green Eggs & Ham was a big deal online yesterday

I had to Google Horse E Books. Had no idea what it was. 

It's National Punctuation Day. Which means nothing to most of you. Here, the 'puncs' as I'll affectionately call them, are ranked

Bill Nye the torn ligament guy

SHIELD won't keep me, long, unless the show is necessary for the continuity of the movie universe. Sorry. Here's everything else you might question about the show. 

Any idea what flavor this is? It's the kind you get when you ask the bartender for 'whatever' and encourage him to 'get creative'

How unisex are certain names in certain decades.