Hamburgers and donuts from Krispy Kreme. Who didn't want their heart to explode anyway. 

For 75 years of Batman, all of them in one pic. 

Charlie Cox is going to be Daredevil in the Netflix only series next year. 

As TV ratings are universally plummeting, Judge Judy's are going up.

Which animal from the jungle keeps showing itself in people's dating profiles?

Read the whole thing before you think she casts Apatow and Rogen as THE reason the shooter finally snapped. 

Which cities have the most Starbucks? Only one of the top 4 is in the US. 

Pitbull's been called out for what someone says are his frequently overly-misogynistic lyrics

From bossy to pushy. Its used twice as much to describe woman than men. 

50's first pitch was 50 feet outside. 

The tiny, finite line between courage and stupidity.