Email, social media, shopping. Sites you do or don't need to change your passwords for because of Heartbleed. 

Growing vaginas. Yeah, that's it. 

Ugh, it's not a blood moon. It's a lunar eclipse and you can see it, weather permitting, after midnight for a few days. Here's some of the tips on watching it, when/where.

Remember the voice of JARVIS in Iron Man? It's Paul Bettany, and he's going to become an actual character in Age Of Ultron. 

Speaking of superheroes, someone sign up Zac Efron already. 

36 maps that you'll stare at most of the day.

Have you followed this vicious and senseless mob beating that happened in Detroit?

I think most people need tipping tips, so here you go

You, well you can't tweet an airline saying this, and mentioning bomb and think your life's going to be smooth sailing after. 

A SF 49ers linebacker might have done what Ben Stiller did in Meet The Parents. 

So what will happen? Usually when I 'pick' a show to watch it bombs. How long will AMC's Turn last? Through two episodes I like it, but I can't say it has megahit potential.