Kesha probably did better on her SATs than you did. 

Those oil slicks are not from the missing Malaysian plane. This is some Bermuda Triangle siht. There are some clues that raise the question of terrorism as well.  

Batman/Superman is up and shooting in Michigan

Jessica Simpson in prison colors. Am I the only one looking at her calves?

$45 million for the long awaited 300 sequel. 

Set pics of Grant Gustin shooting The Flash. 

Raptor cats from Jurassic Park.

Cosmos had a captivating soundtrack, Neil Degrasse Tyson was a fine host, even the green screens were a marvel to look at. However, the show was a bit of a letdown for me. Much of the first episode was 'reminder' material for my nerdy self. The show's got some catching up to do to reach Morgan Freeman and 'Wormhole.'