Wow. Boxes of (kids) cereal are positioned to have the eyes of the character staring down at your kid.

All those reviews that said Captain America: Winter Soldier was of Iron Man quality, when it comes to best Marvel movies, was 100% correct. 

Just how good was it? If you stripped away all the familiar characters, Cap, Fury, Black Widow, etc, and mixed in a little Minority Report and Person of Interest you should still be spell bound by the 2 hour covert spy fest. 

In fact, I think Winter Soldier was better than Avengers, which many deem as the measuring stick for all Marvel movies through it's six year voyage so far. 

WS gave us the unbeatable, soldier serum powered Cap that we (I) expected in the first movie. The explosive action and fight sequences were as authentic as anything yet in the Marvel-verse, the cheesey humor was limited, and the trust-no-one theme shrouded the entire movie with a serious and gripping tone. 

You know all Marvel films are part of the same helix, but you wouldn't be wrong if you called the $96 million dollar release, Captain America Winter Solider PART 1. 

SPOILER - There's a new Agents of SHIELD banner in the aftermath of WS. 

The last few paragraphs of this Captain America column are potent if you're into the whole security vs. surveillance or security vs. freedom discussion. 

Topless barber shop in Australia. Of course, neighbors want it closed. 

This is a MUST READ. Is there too much info on driver's licenses?

Those who could/should succeed Letterman. 

KFC is opening us a Chik Fil A copy cat


Good seats for yesterday's Hens game. On the mound is Robbie Ray, the pitcher the Tigers received in return for Doug Fister.