Mazda had a recall because of vulnerability to spider. Yellow sac spiders to be specific. 

Gonna get my alcohol snobbery on here at a new place downtown

DON'T close your background apps frequently, because it's actually causing your phone more work!

There were nights UConn's star player went to bed hungry

May 6th, 2016. Captain America 3. And there's going to be a Spider-Man spinoff of villains. Why? So Sony doesn't lose the character back to Marvel/Disney. 

If stork's bring babies, what brings baby storks (to the Toledo Zoo)?

Ohio student-athletes aren't employees. Oh really. 

It's quirky, silly and very esoteric, but also brilliant. The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

This guy is keeping his 2014 Kentucky NCAA Champions tattoo. 

Good news on spiders. Their silk can help our bones heal from breaks and fractures.