We now know who knows where the missing Malaysian plane is. No one. Absolutely no one. 

Science PROVES the 5 second rule

A plane in Philly skidded of the runway. Where is THAT one!?

Remember the periodic table? Here's a chart with showing the abundance of each. Please tell me you can guess the largest one before you even click. 

One reason I like dogs more than people...they're often smarter and more acutely aware of things. Hunter saves these people's live...that is, if they were going to strike a match.

Plenty of Grant Gustin pics suited up as the Flash. 

This could still change, and I thought yesterday I read that it did - guess not. May 6, 2015 will square off THREE superheroes - Batman & Superman vs. Captain America 3. 

I'm surprised. CA2 is expected to have a bonkers 80 million+plus opening, and so far the trailers have led us to believe it could be eye to eye with Iron Man and Avengers in quality of the Marvel movie universe. 

Avengers 2 lands in 2015. By the following year will there be any burn, or fading interest in Cap? Will followers recall the luke warm thoughts on Iron Man 3 - to which I agree with with. 

Lastly, there was thought that that would be the debut of the character Marvel is hoping to be their character tentpole for Phase 3 and what would be their 2nd decade of movies. 

That would be the mystical Dr. Strange. 

With Marvel throwing a known property against DC's biggest, most awaited duo (and more w/Wonder Woman, etc...) does this mean 1. they're not yet confident their cosmic concepts - to begin with Guardians of the Galaxy this summer - or 2. they'll on pace to cast the Strange role without a surefire box office star ex. - JGL, Johnny Depp, or any other potential you could find with a simple Google. 

I bet that Batman/Superman movie gets bumped, as early as the beginning of April. 

Here's a taste of Strange.