-- #shotsfired at a baseball game. No not really. 

-- You'll have to drive to Columbus for it, but a White Castle food truck is an excellent idea.

...while company officials determine exactly where the trucks will be stationed, says Jamie Richardson, a White Castle vice president. Once regular locations are mapped out, the trucks will likely stay open 24 hours, just like almost all of White Castle’s brick-and-mortar stores. Richardson says the food-truck menu, although not yet finalized, will include three variations on the chain’s signature sliders and might see items not available in stores, such as salty caramel fries.

Downtown Toledo would be a decent spot for a couple of distinctive food trucks!

-- After Earth. Oblivion and Elysium. All apocalyptic, right? All with BIG stars. Same movie.

-- A dress code for attorneys in TN. 

Attorneys in the county have groaned to their colleagues and judges that certain female attorneys are showing up in attire that pricks the sensibilities of a profession long known for its conservative dress code.

Some female lawyers, according to many in the local legal community, are appearing in court in revealing blouses, miniskirts and, in at least one instance, sweatpants.

Do you have a dress code where you work? 

-- It's a hundred years late, but the US/China global rivalry has potentially spawned a man made canal in Nicaragua

Estimated to cost $40 billion, it includes an interoceanic canal, an oil pipeline, an interoceanic “dry canal” freight railroad, two deepwater ports, two international airports and a series of free-trade zones along the canal route. The canal would be at least twice as long as the Panama Canal and wider in order to accommodate the newest generation of supertankers.

-- Eye ball licking. Not yum. 

Sometimes known as "worming" – which somehow makes this whole thing worse – oculolinctus is being blamed for a significant rise in Japanese cases of conjunctivitis and eye-chlamydia, which is actually a thing. It's apparently seen as a new second-base; the thing you graduate to when kissing gets boring.

-- It's not often we see Gene Wilder. He's a recluse, and I guess being alive at 80 is an accomplishment, but Wilder looks rough. He also slammed the '05 remake of Wonka. 

Take, for instance, the 2005 version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Wilder, of course, is best known for portraying chocolatier Willy Wonka in Mel Stuart's "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory." But he did not mince words about Tim Burton's take on the beloved Roald Dahl tale.

"I think it's an insult. It's probably Warner Bros.' insult," Wilder said. "Johnny Depp, I think, is a good actor, but I don't care for that director. He's a talented man, but I don't care for him doing stuff like he did."

-- This is probably your lone chance to call a vulture adorable. 

 A rare bird species at the Toledo Zoo has made its first successful hatching after its parents have been breeding for several decades. The birds, called Cinereous vultures, hatched an egg earlier this May, so the zoo keepers placed a fake egg in the parents’ nest while keepers incubated it.