When you ladies show your nails, it's a scary looking claw to me. Here's 50 bright nail ideas

Unlimited coffee for $45 a month

Awful. Once again Midwest tornadoes turned into merciless killers. 

Are you fcuking kidding me. A shelfie

Which Clippers players came up with the pregame silent protest idea?

My Facebook post from yesterday afternoon on all that: The clippers did the right thing today. They play for themselves, each other, Doc and fans and money anyway. None of them have ever played for that owner. It's not mark Cuban or some devoted patriarch. The whole league sitting would be lastingly powerful but misguidedly disruptive even amid such a noble effort that could be for the ages. Hell, I'd tell em to sit. But it's not my financial loss.

Marvel is going to take the bold step of killing off Wolverine

Normally, I'd just post the link, but this is one of my fave comic pics.

 With Affleck knotted to the DC universe now, when does Matt Damon slip in, and who would he portray?

Yeesh. Transcendence wasn't even a top five movie this weekend

Have you heard about Asian pain relief method of cupping?

It's a Zonkey.

Colton Haynes Down Under

Insects are loaded with protein

How do you rent an apartment when you have shoddy credit?