*This is taken from the sports blog I write for our sister station.*

Last night took me back to my elementary, middle AND high school Monday mornings after the Super Bowl. 

SB 19 - Niners 38-16 

SB 20 - Bears 46-10

SB 21- Giants 39-20

SB 22 - Redskins 42-10

SB 23 - Niners 20-16 (I took the Bengals against my Dad with a Nintendo game at stake!)

SB 24 - Niners 55-10

SB 25 - Giants 20-19

SB 26 - Redskins 37-24

SB 27 - Cowboys 52-17

SB 28 - Cowboys 30-13

SB 29 - Niners 49-26

SB 30 - Cowboys 7-17 

SB 31 - Packers 35-21

Thirteen Super Bowls, ALL won by the NFC in indomitable fashion, with the exception of TWO games that were under a seven point difference. 

Some of my family's pizza hadn't been delivered or brought home by the time these games became uncompetitive. 

From ages 5 throught 17, I didn't think it was legally allowable for the AFC to win a Super Bowl, or to view one that wasn't over far before its actual conclusion. 

Last night not only transported me back to my pre-college years, but also to two weeks ago. 

See, during the years in the Super Bowls mentioned above, it was a bit of a quip, at least of mine, - though an accurate one - that the 'Super Bowl' was actually the NFC title game since it was almost a foregone conclusion whoever won that game would stomp its AFC opponent.


The poor Broncos got run over, backed up on and mauled repeatedly last night, but that was likely going to happen to just about any opponent that Seattle would have faced. But that game two weeks ago against the 49ers was a gory, almost stalemate, war scene you just couldn't take you eyes off of.

*Save this for next year. How can the Seattle defense be slowed down? With a mobile quarterback. Two of the three teams to defeat the Seahawks in '13 were the Niners and Andrew Luck's Colts.* 

Seattle's defensive line was like a black hole, where nothing could escape. Each time they rushed Peyton Manning, any comfort in the pocket he had vanished milliseconds after he snapped the ball. If he got the snap...

Peyton's immobility, with an overmatched offensive line against the Seahawks defense was sad to see. Like a wounded animal near death rolling side to side in agony in its sorrow filled final moments.

Manning's receivers couldn't get open, and when they did, they didn't get very far.

That's the takeaway for me.

There's one stat to me that captures Seattle's supreme performance on the defensive side of the ball. 

Coming into the Super Bowl, no team had more YAC than the Broncos, who registered 2,751 yards after the catch. For comparison, Seattle was 27th in the league with just 1,635. 

The Thomas's, and Eric Decker's size and brute strength along with Wes Welker's shiftiness inflated that YAC stat to the top of the NFL. Don't let those receivers catch it, because what they do afterwards may be more of a mistake than letting them make the grab in the first place.

I don't know what the Bronco's YAC was last night, but I CAN give you these numbers and your mind can finish the jarring green and blue montage.

Denver's long reception of the night went for 23 yards. To Demaryius Thomas. Thomas averaged 9.1 on historic amount of 13 Supe catches. During his 92 regular season receptions Thomas averaged 15.5 per grab!

As a team the Broncos averaged 8.2 yards per catch last night. During Manning's historic regular season he and his receiver's combined for an of 12.2 per reception. 

While Denver's 1.9 per rush on 14 carries also speaks to the marvel of Seattle's defense, the Seahawks imprisonment of the formerly, virtually unstoppable Bronco receivers will go down as a momentous Super Bowl memory. 

- I despise the legacy talk, but I do feel bad for Peyton. His line got him harassed all night, though his usual precision was certainly not on display. I fear that THAT may be his most infamously memorable game. '55 TDs! Yea, but...'

- The Broncos started and ended the season with blowouts. 

- With a molasses footed Peyton, and no premier running back, I don't know there was any adjustments John Fox could've made to save his team. 

- In a league that essentially promotes high flying offense and penalizes hits that used to define the game, a team with a modest offense and a decapitating defense is your Super Bowl champion. 

- Did the Browns err by not waiting fro Dan Quinn?

- Bruno Mars, at least post-Janet, halftime performance is easily behind second best, maybe ever, behind Prince. 

- I hope either Sam Bradford improves, or the Rams get a better QB. The NFC West has turned into the 2000s and 10s AL East. 

- It was a classic. Just as I predicted! A mid 80s and 90s kinda classic. Didn't forecast THAT annihilation.