Philip Seymour Hoffman's best performances

Don't worry, Bruce the yak fell through the ice, and was saved!

People be hanging out forever at McDonald's.

The NFL on Fox theme was inspired by Batman

If you care, I never concerned myself much with who got casted for the Superman roles. So the Jesse Eisenberg casting is nothing but a shoulder shrug to me. Batman? Different story. You know I was PRAYING Bale'd come back. The world went into Bat-rage when Batffleck was announced. I was wait and see, and so far I've liked what I've seen. The other casting along with Eisenberg as Luthor is the accomplished Jeremy Irons as Alfred, which is arguably the second most important casting in the Bat-mythos. WB/DC nailed it with Irons. The perfect successor to Michael Caine, and now he'll escape his very memorable role in Die Hard.