Biggie, Dre, Mary J. and more in 40 years of hip hop in photos

There's nothing wrong with being terrified of a 200 foot anaconda. 

It's official, Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice

(A woman named) Peyton Manning arrested in Nashville. She's 18, so her parents must've been fans of him at Tennessee. 

Kevin Smith raving about the Batsuit again

Macklemore says he didn't mean to mock Jewish people. Dope. 

Have you seen this World Cup mural yet? It's gone viral. 

Hugh Jackman ran through the ESPN's 'carwash' to promote DOFP. 

Why the hell are Ohioans searching so fervently for raccoon hunting on Google?

I think JJ gave Star Trek the shortshrift, but this a very cool gesture to be in Star Wars.