Selena secretly went to rehab earlier this winter. Ouch. She's so nice. That little punk corrupted her. 

What did Broncos fans do after the game? They watched more porn

Richard Sherman got some simple, silent revenge against a tasteless troll

Wanna vote good cleavage or bad cleavage?

4% of families give their kids $41 to 50 for allowance

Nearly a billion birds die each year (so sad, right), from crashing into windows

We got a CVS, now in October they'll quit selling tobacco products. Makes sense. 

Which famous cinematic duo are Leo and Jonah attempting to be? They'll be together again in the story of the Atlanta Olympic bombing. 

Two apps you might likes. If you need help watching what you eat when you're out try HealthyOut. If you're a frequent reader, check out Oyster; which is like Netflix for books. Or, a digital library. 

DMX says he's going to beat the fcuk out of George Zimmerman. 

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