There's been a rise in boy's names ending with this letter

Selfie app claims to make you skinnier. 

Beef prices hit all time high. Good thing I eat mostly eat chicken. 

An astronomical End of Days may have begun. 

NBC Comedy Playground is seeking ideas from you. They're a struggling network, so I can't blame them for crowdsourcing. 

Sh*t went down on SHIELD last night in the aftermath of the events of Winter Soldier. 

There's all sorts of changes causing delays of the TMNT movie. One includes replacing the voice of Master Splinter, and the actor, who was in Seinfeld, is now suing

#longread but worth it if you want to look, or hope at least, for brighter days with the nation'shot topic, healthcare. Germany seems to have it all figured out. 

How far deep down in the ocean could there be clues for the MH370. Very cool graphic

Execution by flamethrower. Not something from GI Joe, just North Korea. 

A list of pics giving you summer movie releases. None may top Winter Soldier. 

The Bow Factory is not for hunters and gamesmen.

Sign language rap battle.