So, I start sentences frequently with 'so.' I'm gonna side with person that says it's not complete linguistic crutch and comes from the tech world. 

More on why Hollywood keeps churning out superhero movies

Sorry, more nerd stuff. For the 33rd time, whoever owns the rights to Deadpool - the character Ryan Reynolds adores - sell it to AMC or HBO so they create the proper adult tone for the character, which is violent, yet tragically hysterical. That rant comes from this

Totally cool with this. Influences come from Jim Lee and the legendary Frank Miller

Sad Batfleck are the memes from Snyder's debut. 

Well yea, when I read it like this, my waning dislike for Coldplay over the last few years sounds a little irrational. 

The planet - this one - may have too much water for coastal cities in the coming centuries. 

This bodies well for those in the 27th century, as they'll be the ones to find MH370. We've found Columbus' Santa Maria

What's in the mystery box?