Stray dogs of Sochi. Also, I came across some reading on why Sochi has all these strays. Apparently, Russia treats their dogs as some here do with cats, and just let wander as they may. At certain times of the years, the dogs once again become domesticated. More here

Why did Facebook spend $19 BILLION WITH A B for an app?

No need to walk up stairs when you can chuck a pizza up to a window. 

The new Green Goblin in TASM 2. 

Looks like we have a (more) Fantastic (than the last) Four. 

Some home remedies. Some you may have used (ice), some you may not (chewing gum). What do you have to lose?

Which do you think Justin Verlander likes more, and this is a serious question: his new car, a Lambo Aventador, or Kate Upton

Bradley Cooper is a racoon. A badass one.