50 year old, thousand pound, 12 foot long alligator. I'm sure it'll get its own Syfy movie soon enough. 

HAVE. TO. GO. See, China's not so bad. Step up #merica. 

Rats bigger than cats. Yep, I meant to make that rhyme. 

Peter Dinklage had a legendary high school mullet that could probably work today. 

We all need more royal accents, like Prince's scepter

This happened in Dayton and is horrifying to even consider, and yet it tragically happened. 

Shia Labeouf could've been the next Indiana Jones. It could've been a seamless transition even though most dislike the last movie, but his behavior fouled it up. Now, we may get Robert Pattinson as the adventurer

Interesting maps showing leads death causes by state. 

Marvel's next potential tent pole franchise, Dr. Strange, has a director. There's even a rumor about Jared Leto playing the character. 

Hair on fire selfie.