You know about my fondness for Transformers. 

I knew a teaser was going to run last night, so each time a spot came on with flashy cars popped on TV, I anxiously waited and hoped for them to Transform. Nope, nothing. I knew the ones I'd seen weren't them. Michael Bay doesn't start a trailer that looks like just another car commercial, no matter how luxurious that car may be.

Then...a John Turturro appearance. But wait, he's not in TF: AOE. 

Then finally, it arrived. A crawling pace of Bay-a-station.

I'll save you from splashing a nerdgasm all over you, but I'll share with you that after years of going to comic sites and scouring second by second screen shotted trailers with a piercing gaze...I did it myself last night. I've become that person.

I just wanted to see a pic of Grimlock. With Optimus on his back. I've waited almost seven years for that visual.

One ultra nerdy thing. I have two lingering questions about the plot:

Who's the antagonist? Megatron, Megatron back as Galvatron, Unicron, Predacon, or some variation of that!? I want to know!

Also, how is Bay going to conjure up the backstory for transforming Dinobots? Cars, trucks and flying machine are easy, but why the need for extinct creatures!?