A hundred pics from the Grammy's!

Grammy's best and worst dressed. Macklemore's velvet looked good, but Kaskade rocked a sweeter color. 

Watch Drunk In Love, which is OK, but definitely better than XO. Parents are pissed about the performance

The first villain on Fox's Gotham will be a named Oswald. As in Cobblepot. AKA The Penguin. 

Hugh Jackman will play Blackbeard in the next edition of Peter Pan. 

A definitive write up about Twitter. It's become a site of oneupsmanship, and I'm guilty of it at times as well. 

Jennifer Lawrence. Not dressed on Empire. And more X-Men DOFP cover pics

Keep in mind, DMX's heyday was over a decade ago. If you think this is kinda sad, you're not wrong. 

Profits for razors is down because no one is shaving their beards anymore. 

Aqua notes would be perfect for me because of where most of my ideas are generated. There, and the gym. 

I have good news, sort've. Black holes aren't what we thought they were. Whew. Read this, it's kinda funny, and mostly in comprehendable english. 

Daredevil motivated Affleck to Batman.