So, you want to be in doubles luge? Hold the hell on, and don't quiver a breath.

 A woman's belligerent need for sex on a plane forced an emergency landing. 

'Officer, I've only had two.' & 'I must've gotten hacked.' Add to them, 'Officer, they must be my mother's drugs.'

Skiers have difficulty finding jeans because they have muscular lower halves. 

Alfred, the Penguin and more key roles have been casted for Gotham. 

Before you catch the video of Michael Sam dancing shirtless in a gay bar and think all kinds of ridiculous things, I wanted to show you that being shirtless in social settings isn't uncommon. You'd do it too if you had their bodies. Still-trying NFL QB Vince Young shirtless and boozing. The Rockets James Harden appears to be socializing with some alcohol too.