Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Kevin Spacey is back with Season 2 of Netflix’s mega-popular political thriller House of Cards!

The Actor phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the new episodes, and he even revealed he’s delighted the President Barack Obama is a fan of the show.

When Season 2 was released on February 14, Obama tweeted: “Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please.” And Kevin explains that he was excited to see the president’s tweet because he ”didn’t know actually if he’s seen the show.”

“We did a spoof called ‘House of Nerds’ so I knew he’d seen that,” Kevin shares. “But I didn’t know if he watched the show, so I was quite delighted to find he does indeed watch it and apparently he’s jealous of how much [my character] Frank Underwood gets done!”

Instead of dropping any spoilers, Kevin went on to talk about another one of his projects, this one being with Will Ferrell.

The actor is set to play in the 10th annual Desert Smash, a charity tennis tournament, against the comedian next week and couldn’t be more excited to take him on.

“It’s to benefit Cancer for College,” Kevin explains, “which essentially means a lot of people who have survived cancer this provides for them a college scholarship … This is a two-day event. The first day is a golf event called the The Will Powered Golf Classic… and then on Tuesday there is a big tennis event … I am playing in a doubles match against Will Ferrell and Novak Djokovic and with [Stanislas] Wawrinka, who just won the Australian Open. He’s on my team.”

Although it is for charity, Kevin admits: “Frankly, I want to win and I want to look good winning, so I’ve been practicing quite a lot since December for this match and by the way I’ve watched Will Ferrell in a couple of these events and it’s going to be a shame for a lot of Will Ferrell fans out there to have to witness him looking like he’s playing tennis on a tricycle.”

“All I can say is that he will be looking with white-eyed admiration at the skills coming from his opposing players and I don’t care how big of a racket he brings, like a sour wine, the Burgundy is going to be a little off.”

For more event details, to participate, buy tickets or to make a donation, head to or call 760-599-5096.