Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Mariah Carey phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her new single, “You’re Mine (Eternal),” that revealing dress she donned for the 2014 BET Honors, and her plans for Valentine’s Day.

The icon has been busy working on new music for quite some time and was stalled after she fractured her shoulder and rib. “That was not fun in the slightest,” Mariah laments. “I was doing a little video and Nick [Cannon] was directing … I was doing this one shot performing on top of a stage-bar and then the shot changed and my depth of perception changed … and I fell.”

Mariah goes on to say she had to “heal in increments” as her muscles had to come back to life, leaving her to have people working on her muscles for 24 hours, even while she’s sleeping!

“You’re Mine (Eternal)” is a love ballad with lyrics like “I can’t seem to live without your love,” so we could only imagine the song is about her husband.

“There are songs on the album that are [about Nick] and there are even songs for the babies that I wrote specifically for them,” Mariah shares. Not to mention, she adds, her almost 3-year-old twins are also “prominently featured” on the album, which drops May 6.

Aside from making headlines for her new track, Mariah also went viral after she donned a rather revealing black dress at the taping of the BET Honors.

The dress featured a deep V and showed off everything Mariah has to offer. So how’d she get that dress to stay up?

“It was made to my body, they mold it to my body,” Mariah shares. “It was difficult. It was not an easy feat to get that to stay up on the body. The first night we realized, ‘Um, I think we’re going to have to do something about this situation’ … We rigged it with a little bit of invisible fishing wire.”

And of course, we had to ask, what are Mariah’s Valentine’s Day plans?

“The abandoner is going to be some where else,” Mariah laughs. “And by abandoner, I mean Nicholas Scott Cannon.  I was giving him beep about it all day. I’ll be alone with the babies, but they’re my Valentines anyway.”

Download “You’re Mine (Eternal)” on iTunes now here.