Photo: NBC Universal

By Sierra Marquina

Seth Meyers phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about taking over Late Night With Seth Meyers.

As for that gigantic pickle that was passed down from Jimmy Fallon to him as the new host of Late Night (as per tradition), Seth clarifies, ”It’s a real pickle. It’s officially the same one. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and everything.”

The funny man goes on to say he’s “feeling nervous and excited” about taking over the chair, but, “a little more excited than nervous.”

Seth explains his lack of nerves come from being on Saturday Night Live for years. ”I’m used to doing ["Weekend Update" on SNL] live, but I’m not used to doing this much of it. [With] ‘Weekend Update,’ you’re live at a desk 15 minutes a week and now it’s the bigger thing cause you know it’s live-ish … in front of real people, but I think SNL is as good of training as possible.”

However, there us one thing Seth is nervous about: interviewing celebrities. “Just because the only people I’ve ever interviewed have been written guests and with celebrities,” Seth explains. “They don’t really say what they have to. They can say whatever they want.”

Joining Seth on Late Night is a familiar face and fellow SNL pal, Fred Armisen, who is the bandleader. “He put together a band in like a week,” jokes Seth. “It’s so nice to have somebody out there with me that I’ve known for about 11 years … but he’s an incredible musician.”

As for his studio, Seth jokes: “The Roots are beneath us, so we are right above Jimmy’s studio …. each studio is two floors… so we laid enough cement as we could in case our tapings overlap.”

Seth’s first week guests include Amy Poehler, Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, Kanye West, Russell Wilson, Kelly Ripa and more. Catch the premiere of Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight on NBC at 12:35 / 11:35c.