You may be Tweeting you home address and not even know it. 

Researchers sampled more than 15 million tweets and found that ONE IN FIVE updates gave away the user's whereabouts...including their home address! 

How are you accidentally doing this? 


First, check if you have "Add a location to my Tweets" checked under security and privacy settings. If you do, uncheck that box and save changes. (You may also opt to delete all location information.)

Be cautious of other apps out there that give out your Foursquare.  You might have ok'd it to post to your Twitter account. You can find out which apps you've already authorized under the apps section of Twitter's settings page, and you also have the option to revoke access for individual apps.

When you take a photo on your smartphone, GPS coordinates are usually embedded in the image's EXIF metadata (unless you disable geo-tagging, or use an app to manipulate this data.) While Facebook and Twitter strip metadata from photos uploaded directly, other sites like Flickr and Twitpic maintain this information, the Electronic Frontier Foundation notes.

Be cautious when tweeting information that is unique to a specific location. (You're giving it away!)