There's a company out there that is claiming that they're going to create meat that will be "grown" using tissue samples from celebrities.

The company's website, asserts that this "artisanal salami" will be created by conducting a "quick biopsy" to obtain the tissue sample...and then "isolating muscle stem cells" in their "proprietary bioreactors."


This all sounds like a complete joke, but they're 100% serious.  Supposedly, they're interested in working with celebrities like Kanye West, James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres.

Here's a little taste (no pun intended) of what Jennifer Lawrence's meat would taste like:

"The JLaw salami will be complemented by a mixture of rabbit and pork.  A charming and confident flavor profile, the JLaw salami is coarse ground in rustic style, smoothed with notes of honey, and spiced with orange zest and ginger. Always surprising, this salami will never fail to entertain.  

The website is asking people to help get celebrities on board.  They want you to Tweet #EatCelebrityMeat to get the word out.