Ladies…want  your man out of the house for one night?!?
Tell us why you think  he should get to hang out with Sid & Demetrius from The Morning Rush at this  Invite Only Event with the Toledo Mud Hens on May 9th.

Please....NOTHING SAPPY....maybe you're just tired of cooking for him or you  just want him to be chosen so you can have a Pandora Bracelet!


Sid & Demetrius will review the entries and pick their Top 5 to join them  at a Toledo Mud Hens Game on May 9th plus they even get to bring a buddy!  And  if that wasn't cool enough they will score a Pandora Bracelet from J. Foster  Jewelers for the lovely lady that nominated them.

Special Thanks  to The Toledo Mud Hens and J. Foster Jewelers!