We understand...You have a friend (or yourself) that can't get out to any of the things the Morning Rush does.  They constantly talk about the show, tell you what we're doing and brag that they know things they've learned from the show.  The only problem is...they've never gotten the chance to meet us.  

Well, we're gonna help you give them what they want.  

Send us an email (see below) and let us know why your friend wants to meet us.  We'll get in touch with you and set the whole thing up.  Then, you can surprise your friend with the news as we show up and hang out for a bit.  

PLUS...just for your trouble, we'll hook you and your friend up with some cool prizes.  Pretty cool, right?

Here's what you need to do:

1.  Send us an email:  sid@925kissfm.com

2.  Tell us why your friend wants to meet us so bad

3.  Wait for us to contact you and set everything up

4.  Become the best friend ever for hooking up your friend with a meet-n-greet with the show.

GOOD LUCK, and thanks for taking care of your friends!  You're the best.