We had Brady Kesling on the show this morning to talk about a movie he's trying to get made here in Toledo. 

Brady is the Producer / Director of a movie called "Market Correction."  It's a movie about hitmen having the ability to kill people remotely.  Here's the movie poster...

photo:  Brady Kesling

Here's the deal...Brady needs $100,000 to make this movie, and he's taken to the website "kickstarter.com" to get help. 

If you visit the page BY CLICKING HERE, you can donate money to the movie and help get it made. 

Brady has even ramped it up and made it cool for people that have the ability to donate $1,000.  If you do, you can be in the movie and become one of the people that gets killed.  It's pretty awesome!

Remember, we need to support local projects so we can put Toledo on the map!  To check out the site and donate to the make the movie CLICK HERE.