This weeks Full Moon on August 20th, will be in the friendly, independent, unpredictable sign of Aquarius. A Full Moon phase tends to bring a swelling up of emotions, apathy and excitement. In this case, with the sign of Aquarius (air element), it may be easy to get lost in the thinking process about emotions rather than gliding through the feelings. Also, this week Full Moon in the independent,erratic sign of Aquarius will help us step forward with faith and conviction. It will help us to see how to get our act together in order to increase our confidence in our Self, our Beliefs, and our Future. A great week to mingle, get reconnected to past friendships, sever ties that need to be broken, strengthen ties that need to be a part of your life.

The romantic and sexual attraction between you is almost irresistible, the partners can't help but "feel" each other's physical presence. It's pure sexual, animalistic attraction.

This relationship is one that was probably "more than just friends" from the beginning. It's a cosmic collision so to speak. The intensity of  this transit will most likely never fade, and the Mars and Venus energies combined create an intense vortex of hyper sexual energy. Even if you go your separate ways, it is likely that both of you will always think about the passion that you once had. The Mars person epitomizes the sexual energy and body ego that the Venus person finds most exciting.  However on the flip side of this, how you communicate sexually will differ than how you communicate verbally.  This is an erotic aspect and words are not always expressed.

Aries - Look to this Full Moon to be one of fun and frolic, a very strong week for mingling, being with friends and family. Also with a little effort hopes, dreams and wishes may come your way as you create and manifest positive thoughts. Also, a good period to set goals. Implement ideas, focus on fitness after Sept 1, 2013.

Taurus - This weeks upcoming Full Moon signals a time for work gain and opportunity. A good time to start fresh with a new job, or a new outlet. Though you are a creature of extreme habit, this is a great week to create a small changes in your life. Maybe do something a bit out of the box.

Gemini - Your goals this week may be to provide a face lift to your everyday situation. It's time for you to step out a bit and expand your horizons. Your philosophy of life takes a turn for the better this week as relationships feel lighter and less restricting. Also try your hand at something fun and creative, like writing a book?

Cancer - You may find that this is your week for gain through speculation. Chance taking, though not a part of your personality, may bring about unexpected, amazing results. Also as Mars and Mercury occupy your area of home, you may find yourself seeking out ways to change your home. A good week for modifications.

Leo -This weekends Full Moon highlights partnerships, a good period for standing your ground while paying close attention to what is taking place around you. Also money matters can be up in the air, take care as to not be hasty when making business decisions.

Virgo - Time to really buckle down with health matters, time to get in sync with yourself as you find you see your personal habits getting better. You may be feeling overwhelmed as the wait is finally over and you step into a new phase of your life.

Libra - Time for matters of the heart as the Full Moon enters your 5th house of love. New or existing take on a new perspective as you find yourself seeking out more than you bargained for. Also, a very strong cycle for chance taking, however don't be too hasty. Be curious not hasty.

Scorpio - The Full Moon in your area of home and family sheds light on your inner foundation.  Good time to clean house, purge, get rid of things that have weighed you down. Also work matters may be in a flux, patience can go a long way as much of this eases up after Sept 1, 2013.

Sagittarius -You may suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by family pressure's as the Full Moon aspects your everyday interactions. Unexpected surprises and stress add to your already crazy life. This can be your week to care of things that need resolution. It's important to accept your responsibilities and move forward. Your communication house enhances your every thought & action however be aware of delivery.

Capricorn - As always be watchful of money, as your fear of losing what you have takes control. However with the Full Moon in sight, you may find that your money house may get a nice surprise this weekend. Also a great week to get your priorities in order.

Aquarius - The Full Moon in your own sign highlights your every move as it illuminates. Interesting week considering Mercury is still in retrograde causing possible friction in relationships. However this can be a very favorable time for you to start cleaning house.

Pisces- Time to let go of the past, create new memories as the Full Moon highlights your every thought... take out the old and bring in the new however don't be too hasty when purging. You may have some regrets.