When the Moon is new this means that the  Sun and Moon are aligned in the same Zodiac sign.  That makes it a charged time with concentrated energies of that sign.  A New Moon is a symbolic point of attention, and a symbolic portal for new beginnings.
This weeks NEW MOON on June 26, in the MOON-ruled sign of Cancer is a great time to set intentions for things you'd like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest.
Aries - Time to nest, stayed focused, and get centered. A strong period to manifest and turn a thought into reality. Also, this weeks New Moon lands in your area of home. A great week to reconnect with family members, break old habits, start a fresh new chapter.
Taurus - For the last two years your life has been shaken and stirred, maybe this weeks New Moon is a sort of reprieve form all of that. Time to pull yourself together, gain some insight, brush yourself off and move forward. Though you are resistant to change, this can be the start of a new cycle for you.
Gemini - Your money situation is sort of in a flux as you see yourself moving from one direction to another. Financially speaking, you'll always fare well, however it may take time a little time. Nonetheless, this is your week to make a list, and implement after July 2, 2014.
Cancer - The New Moon in your sign shines your way, finally shedding some light on you and your goals and ambitions. This can actually be a very productive week for you, financially as well as emotionally if you handle it in the right manner. Also, a great week to travel, or do something unique.  
Leo - With the New Moon in your area of thought, you may suddenly feel the need to clean house, to move forward in areas that need some closure, to the point of even letingt go of relationships that have held you back. Plus it may shed some light in your present job situation, as the possibly of a change is inevitable.
Virgo - Though you are very much a creature of habit, and family and home seem to be your priority, you may feel a sudden need to reconnect with old friends, to establish new connections, to entertain a bit more. This week New Moon highlights friendships, along with goals and plenty of ambition. A week to take complete stock.
Libra - As the New Moon hovers over the zenith part of your chart, your need to focus on career goals is well intended. Also, recognition is at a key point here, and you suddenly feel the need to expand your outlook where work is concerned. It's been a rough year, however much of the strain within the last year will ease after July 17. So this maybe a great time to prove where you need to be.
Scorpio - This weeks New Moon opens the way to a path of higher awareness, as your interest continues to be peaked. With the New Moon traveling through your area of thought you find yourself pondering quite a bit. In addition, personal relationships may be in a tizzy, however you maybe one step ahead of the game. Coast for the next few weeks or so.
Sagittarius - As social, Jupiter-like as you are, you're still a philosopher at heart. This is your week to use your high thinking talents to pull yourself together, mentally as well as emotionally. Also, a strong cycle for you to focus on your money situation. Get your resources in order with the weeks New Moon taking place in your 8th house.
Capricorn - This weeks New Moon occupies your area of  partners. Business or personal relationships during this time may undergo a sort of shift as you see yourself looking at others through a different perspective. All in all, a great week to reinvent yourself, or merely changes things around bit.
Aquarius - A solid week to gain some insight on health and fitness, also a great week to focus on work, and stressors that have been holding you back. This weeks New Moon allows you to gain insight over what you can control, time to get yourself back on track.
Pisces - This may be your lucky week as the New Moon along with other influences may bring to light a chance to win some money, reconnect with a relationship, new or existing, or try something new and different by stepping out of the box. A great week to do some inner exploring.