Mercury's retrograde is at times a refreshing vacation from the usual programming. It allows us to rethink old patterns, and to take stock of every given situation that comes our way. It's the universe telling us to sit back and reflect.
In Cancer, Mercury-inspired missteps could relate to family mattes, travel plans, emotional authenticity, being unable to let go.
Mercury's recent mishaps in Gemini would have revolved around mistaken identity,  humor taken the wrong way, lack of discipline where communication is concerned.
In the meantime, now that Mercury is turning direct July 1, 2014,  you will be free to sign contracts, schedule vital meetings, have a significant conversation and make important decisions or purchases. Remain confident as you push ahead with anything that requires cerebral muscle. No second guessing yourself. Push forward.
ARIES - With Mercury back on track you may not feel as flustered when it comes to matters that relate to the home. You may feel less stressed and more in control of your own domain. Also, family matters seem to less complicated, and you may find yourself taking a better approach.
TAURUS - With your money situation beginning to even out, you may see yourself less preoccupied with counting every penny. However, as particular as you are about finances, this period should be a saving grace. Mercury turning direct on Tuesday creates less obsessiveness and more awareness.
Gemini - As Mercury turns direct in your own sign, moving back into Cancer, you may feel less flustered and more at ease with yourself as well as those around you. Also, your financial picture looks calmer, less hectic and you may surprise yourself by being less of an impulse buyer as Mercury turns direct.
Cancer - With Mercury turning direct moving from Gemini into your own sign, your area of thought/subconscious may feel less cluttered and more in control of letting go of things you no longer can control or save. It's time to move forward. Start fresh and renew yourself. The weeks ahead prove to be easier and less frantic.
Leo - Your relationships with others, specifically friends, may be on the mend as Mercury moves direct in Cancer. Time to get yourself back in gear, socialize, get back in the swing of things all together. A great week for seeking new avenues. Time to plan, create some new goals.
Virgo - As Mercury hovered over the zenith part of your chart, your career, you may have felt out of sync with yourself. However, now that it is moving forward, you're back in the game. Time to push into full gear, get yourself back on track, do what you were meant to do.
Libra - With Mercury now turning direct over your career house, moving into the area of thought, you may find yourself less stress, more in control, taking the initiative to get things moving in the right direction. Also, as your need is completely about balance, you may find yourself more secure with partnerships, both work or personal related. .
Scorpio - As always you're reflective, thoughtful and intense however Mercury traveling through your area of thought may have caused you to feel overwhelmed by too much information coming in way too fast. This is your time to take what you have learned during the last few months and harvest that insight.
Sagittarius -  Partnerships, both work and personal have been in such a tizzy for the last few weeks, it's a wonder that you have been able to keep up. However, now that Mercury has turned direct, it's your turn to be in control, to take the reins so to speak. You as well as others may feel less inclined to be on the defensive.
Capricorn - For the last few weeks you have pondered about your health, work and personal responsibilities. Now is the time to be clear on fitness, getting back into shape, as well as job opportunities that may come your way. The road is clear and paved with less gravel.
Aquarius - You may have been going through a major win/lose streak for the last few weeks as Mercury in your area of speculation has had you in a tough spot. However, you're back, ready to take on whatever you need to do. Also, a great week for matters of the heart, as your loyalty has proven itself.
Pisces - Your center is your home, and your home is your security, so during this period you may find yourself better in touch with not only what you need, but also what is expected of you. Time to take in some healthy R & R.