The Sun moving into Virgo on August 23 represents stability, structure, and the willingness to see what others cannot see due to your highly in-tuned, precise nature. As it sextiles transiting Saturn as well as Venus and Mars it creates this intense vortex of energy. For many of us, this period represents motivation, the desire to be pro-active, to get things done!



Happy Birthday Virgo - Your greatest asset is your inquisitive mind, which makes you a natural critic and perfectionist that also has the power to heal people, if you have the right attitude. You pay attention to order and detail, enjoy analyzing problems and people, and are ruled by the quick-witted Mercury which gives you an edge in intellect and a depth to perception. 




Aries: March 21-April 20 - With the Sun transiting your area of health and responsibility is the focus this week and your urgency to get in shape or do something constructive is indicated.. Its very important to take stock of every given situation that comes your way, whether work or health related. As long as you stay on task, then you're good to go. Speculation can be fun as well as lucky as many of the planetary influences occupy your area of chance.  


Taurus: April - May 21-The Sun now in your area of the relationships, specifically love related, may have a tendency to overwhelm you mainly Venus now transiting in Leo. You may find yourself feeling as those you need to set necessary limits with those that you love.  Also, your financial situation may ease up considerably within the next few weeks, however it is up to you to stay on top of things.  


Gemini ( May 22-June 21)- For the next few weeks or so, importance is placed on work and home as the Sun hovers in your area of family. Your need to do it all may cause you to feel overwhelmed and totally exasperated. It’s important to realize that during this cycle, you need to pace yourself. Great period for speaking your mind, doing something creative, and getting yourself back on track.


Cancer ( June 22-July 23)- The framework of your life at this time seems to be focused on how you see yourself. Take this time to focus on your given priorities, while trying not to jump into deep waters. This can be an intense period for you as your find yourself releasing much from the past.  A great cycle to relate to family members, as well as speak your mind as the Sun travels through your area of communication.


Leo ( July 24-Aug 23)- So much of your life depends on what you give to other people.  This is clearly a time to  focus on yourself, while paying close attention to your own needs and priorities. Changes are a definite, but much for the better.  However, be extra careful of spending habits with the Sun now occupying your money house.


Virgo ( Aug 24-Sept 23)- It has been said that the secret of life is consistency, and you for one are always constant. However, major planetary influences in your life signifies that one chapter in your life has now closed, now it’s on to the next chapter.  Relationships, business and personal, during this time, may go through a major transition. However with the Sun traveling in your own sign it's really up to you to set the pace.


Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23)- A very strong cycle in which to see resolution the Sun occupies your 12th house of thought.  Also, it’s important to be aware of health related matters.  Also, changes in your personal house may finally allow you to get what you were looking for. Time for you to set the game plan.


Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)- Approach business matters, as well as friendships with confidence this month, place your best foot forward.  You should be in fine form and ready to meet any of the challenges ahead. However, your area of friendships may go through a turning point. .


Sagittarius ( Nov 23-Dec 21)- . With the Sun traveling through the Zenith part of your chart, your area of work may undergo a change, as you see yourself pulling away from your present position. Also, your love life may shift a bit, as your tolerance level goes uncharted. In addition, as always watch your money. This is not the time to be overly generous.


Capricorn ( DEC 22-Jan 20)- A mixture of challenging yet interesting aspects are transiting your natal Sun, providing you with the wherewithal to make changes you wouldn't necessarily make. Your money cycle may undergo a shift as you find yourself pulling from different resources. Your relationships  may feel a bit threat sensitive, therefore you may find yourself letting go of obstacles that have barricaded your path.


Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)- Relationships, specifically love related may have the tendency to overwhelm you this week. Pay special attention to what others may be telling you. Focus on what really matters. This can and will be a prosperous week for all concerned. A strong yet fruitful stage in your life is about to begin.


Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20)- Though difficult as it may be with the Sun in your area of partners, this is a much need time for introspection, This period will definitely force you out of your cocoon.  Use this time to work on your creativity, focus on taking a better look at yourself and your partnerships. Use this time to your advantage.