Aries – As the Sun enters the sensitive water sign of Pisces, you may feel a need to filter through some unresolved past issues. Also. time to be more than watchful where money is concerned with MERCURY the planet of thought now in a retrograde motion.

Taurus – Your friends may be a strong sense of support this week as the Sun in Pisces adds lift to your everyday interactions. However, work matters and pressures at home may be touchy with MERCURY now in retrograde. Better to coast for a while.

Gemini – Your work situation may start to lighten up this week with the Sun hovering over the Zenith part of your chart encourages you to soar. However with MERCURY in retrograde you need to be cautious as to where you step or who you step on.  

Cancer – Though you are a creature at heart, sentimental by nature, this week as the Sun moves in to Pisces, you may find a sudden desire to dig up old friends, reminisce or do something out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, with MERCURY in retrograde, you would do well to pay attention to instincts and not poke your foot in too far.

Leo – Time to take a good look at what is happening in your money house, you may be mildly surprised as to how lucky you are. However, a bird in hand is better than two birds in the sky. With MERCURY in retrograde, don't get too greedy.

Virgo- Your relationship house, both personal and work related may be kind of crazy this week as you strive to keep yourself grounded. However with MERCURY retrograding you may find yourself speaking a bit out of turn. Better to express your thoughts than to hold them in, however as always remember delivery does count.

Libra – This is your week  to really buckle down on to health, diet and fitness. Also, your sense of responsibility is on over load this month, as you take way too much in. Moreover, this weeks MERCURY retrograde may be causing you to add too much on your plate without even realizing it.  

Scorpio – Though you are rather cautious at heart, this can be your week to gear in on money related matters with MERCURY creating a mild stink. Also, relationships new or existing can be rather exciting yet unpredictable.

Sag – With Jupiter, your ruler now in your money house, you may be a lot more carefree than usual, however don't be too hasty when making business decisions. Be aware that MERCURY retrograde can very well cloud your thinking.  Also be careful as to speak too much out of turn.

Cap – Jupiter at odds with your Sun could give you a run for your money in areas of work or even personal related. And with MERCURY retrograde you may be spending more than you should be. Better to be safe than sorry.

Aquarius – With MERCURY now transiting in your own sign, you may find yourself second guessing yourself. Very unusual for you Aquarians. Therefore, pace yourself before making any major decisions. Now is the time to think things through very carefully.

Pisces – A good keen cycle for awareness as MERCURY in retrograde encourages you to introspect and gain some momentum. A good strong cycle to keep your  creative juices flowing. You're a natural born intuitive, so get yourself in gear and follow your instincts.