Pisces is known to be the most spiritual, imaginative, sensitive sign of the zodiac, and each year as the New Moon takes place, in this sensitive, intuitive emotionally-oriented water sign, it's time to tap into your creative self. Everyone has at least a little bit of the artist in them! Follow your intuition, pursue your dreams and watch the magic begin!

NEW MOON in ethereal, sensitive, kind  Pisces on MARCH 1, 2014

Aries:  This weeks NEW MOON in watery Pisces indicates a good time to do some emotional spring cleaning. An intuitive period as your  keen insight is at its peak. However during this period, it's also very important to pay attention to health matters. Not a time to question yourself as your Mercury continues to retrograde.

Taurus – With the NEW MOON taking  place on MARCH 1, friends and family begin to circulate.  Lots of support and rest and relaxation as it's your time to get in the zone. Good time for bearing your soul. However matters of the heart may be a bit fussy this week with MERCURY in retrograde, making you doubtful?

Gemini  - You're at the top of your  work game this week, lots of attention and recognition in the work area at the NEW MOON hovers over the zenith part of your chart, however with transiting MERCURY in retrograde it's all you get you can but to shut the negative out.  You may be feeling a bit scattered.

Cancer - You are more in the Zen, more reflective this week, and your instincts are unbeatable as the NEW MOON takes center stage in your area of thought. A very good period for writing, or delving into doing extraordinary. However, pay attention to driving, as MERCURY in retrograde may create some minor distractions.


Leo - You may be feeling a bit  intense, as ever fiber of your body is on fire. This weeks NEW MOON tackles the financial sector of your chart. You may feel compelled to take a financial as well as personal inventory. Also, be aware that your attitude towards partners needs to be realigned as MERCURY retrogrades in your 7th.

Virgo – With this weeks NEW MOON in your 7th house of partners finds you shifting into full gear this week as your priority is placed on your partnerships. Also, a  good time to seek legal help is you need it, and/or to sign documents or agreements of any kind. However be aware that your ruler MERCURY in retrograde may cause you to think one way and act another. Read between the lines.

Libra - With the upcoming NEW MOON in your area of health, getting on a health kick this week should be easy, and less of a burden. A good time to jump start your regimen. Also, your sense of responsibility is increased at this time. However, pay attention to your limitations. In addition, with our planet of reason still in retrograde you may be feeling  a bit vulnerable. Balance as always is the key.

Scorpio - Great cycle for love matters, take a chance.  Also, money  looks promising as  this  weeks NEW MOON along with other influences can add structure. MERCURY in retrograde maybe creating some hesitation, causing you to question your own motives. Time to feel centered.

Sag – This weeks NEW MOON  has you desperate for some quiet and relaxation. You thrive on your alone time, and your desire comes through just being quiet. A great period to organize, or just reexamine your life's purpose. Also, be aware that work matters may be a bit touchy. With MERCURY in retrograde, be aware that words sting. So be careful.

Cap – With the NEW MOON  taking place in your area of chat, your skills are top notch this week..Although what you may be saying and what you may be feeling may not be on the same page. Also as MERCURY continues to retrograde changes with money can be stressful. Be careful of taking too much on. Also legal issues may surface, however you always win in the long run.

Aquarius - You may appear to be in a lucky spot for the next few weeks or so  as your money situation is  in a chance taking mode as The NEW MOON occurs in your money house. Not a good week to make hasty decisions. Be well aware that transiting MERCURY may cloud your thinking so be careful with financial decisions.

Pisces - The spotlight is on you this week with THE NEW MOON in your own sign. A good time to settle in with yourself. This is your week to shine and let others know where you stand. However as MERCURY continues to retrograde, your need to please renders you helpless and exhausted.