MARS  is will, motivation and drive, and that makes it a force to be reckoned with -- specifically where are goals and jobs are concerned.  Mars is energy and it needs an outlet, sometimes feeding on frustration and irritability.  Other times, it just provides a huge jolt, forcing us to pay attention and take action.  Or to stand up for yourself, in a relationship that's become a power trip, or a struggle. It brings situations out into the open. Making us deal with what is or has been in front of us. It is in retrograde from March 2, 2014 through May 20, 2014.

Aries - Nothing can stop you as MARS your ruler, in retrograde is at odds with your own sign. Be careful when dealing with family and friends during this transit, you never know where your actions may take you.

Taurus - This should  be an excellent transit for you, as your energies are put to  the test. A good cycle for work opportunities, however with MARS in retrograde don't be too hasty to make any major decisions.

Gemini - Romances, new or existing  should be at a high point this week, however you may find yourself being a bit too anxious. Be mellow and take situations in stride. You'll prosper in the long run. Also, a strong money cycle for you, however be careful where your pennies may fall.


Cancer - You are in the limelight this week as JUPITER transiting your own sign illuminates you. However with MARS in retrograde in your area of home, you may find family members to be a bit fussy.  Better off to just retreat.

Leo - Recent changes taking place around you, may well be in your favor. As the weeks progress, things suddenly start to unfold and your words becomes weapons. Be careful of delivery, more importantly MARS in retrograde could cause you to act out of turn.  

Virgo - For the next few weeks or so, revel in the fact that all is well around you. Nonetheless, as discipline if your first name, you may find yourself trying to work with your financial matters. Better to be safe than sorry. As detailed as you are, MARS in retrograde of your money house can be a conflicted transit. Be aware of the fine print.

Libra - Although balance is your key, it has not been feeling that way as of yet, specifically speaking with MARS retrograding your own sign. Mainly speaking, as many challenges within the realm of work and home have caused you to be in tizzy, know that in time much of this will ease up.

Scorpio - Forget the pressure of recent months, and work on bringing better things into perspective. Work matters look promising, as well as personal needs seems to balance out as well. With MARS retrograding your area of thought, you may find yourself cleaning house. A good time to get a clean slate going.

Sag - As springtime gets closer, the time has finally come to take stock of whatever it is you’re doing, and start focusing on yourself. This cycle signals a good time for matters of the heart, however with planets in retrograde, be sure of your judgement calls. Not a good time to rush in.

Cap - Sometimes it is better to step back and take a closer look at a situation than to plunge into unsafe waters.  This week’s setup urges you to pull back before making any major decisions regarding work. Specifically speaking, as MARS hovers over your career house. Better to observe than to jump in.

Aquarius - This is a great week for you to put your best foot forward a strong cycle for you to focus on matters of importance. This may be your period to really delve into your thoughts. MARS in your 9th house encourages spiritual growth. Also, love matters look interesting and seductive.

Pisces - Though finances are not your favorite subject, it's important to gain a clear perspective on where your pennies are going.  MARS in retrograde may turn the tables if you are careful. Better to know than to walk blindly.