This weeks FULL MOON on March 16 takes place in the earthy, methodical, analytical sign of VIRGO. A FULL MOON occurs when the SUN and MOON are in opposition to each other. Generally, during this period most people feel anxious, emotional and highly charged. Emotions are lit under the FULL MOON and most people respond in various ways, sometimes dramatically as well as intensely.

This weeks FULL MOON is intensified by transiting MARS in retrograde. As MARS in  retrograde motion forces all of us to take a look at our daily actions. Mars represents action, Virgo is the energy of detail, of routine, and of doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.

This particular FULL MOON will highlight all our imbalances of everyday life, including our food habits, our exercise patterns, placing too much emphasis on every little detail?

Aries:  This weeks FULL MOON in VIRGO opposite the SUN reinforces our need to get with a good, healthy eating program. Also this will be a period in which we reevaluate our everyday life, partnerships included. A very strong intuitive period as your insights are at their peak.

Taurus - Temptations run high this week with the FULL MOON occupying your area of chance. However, not a great time to take too many chances, MARS retrograde may have you stopping  in your tracks.

Gemini  - You may have a strong need to just rest at home as nesting is your focus for the week weeks. This upcoming FULL MOON encourages some therapeutic R and R. However not a great time to get too comfy, way too much to do at the work place.

Cancer -Your skills at expressing yourself are easily recognized this week although a slip of the tongue can be costly with this weeks FULL MOON taking place in your area of chat.   Also, changes in the work regarding money and friends may be creating some personality issues. Be careful.

Leo - This weeks upcoming FULL MOON occupies your finances, as you may appear to be in a lucky spot for the next few weeks or so. However be aware and not wary. Anything can happen during this transit. Easy come, easy go.  

Virgo - The spotlight is on you this week as the FULL MOON illuminates you.  A  good time to get yourself in the ZEN, to focus on getting things done that have been left behind.  A good week to shine and let others know where you stand.

Libra - Getting on a mental health kick this week should be easy, and less of a burden as this weeks upcoming FULL MOON enhances your ability to think out of the box. Also, your sense of responsibility is increased at this time. However, pay attention to your limitations.

Scorpio - As secretive and mysterious as you are, you still have a yen for intimate relationships, both friendship and otherwise. This week as the FULL MOON enhances your sign and transiting SUN pierces your energy, you may feel a need to get up and go.

Sagittarius  - With this weeks FULL MOON hovering, you are at the top of your work game this week, lots of attention, lots of recognition in the work area. All you need to do is show up.

Capricorn - With most CAPS there is a serious side, however on the flip side you are always at your game. This week however, you are   in the Zen , more reflective this week, and your instincts are unbeatable. A very good period for writing, or delving into doing extraordinary

Aquarius -  You may be feeling a bit  intense, as ever fiber of your body is on fire as this weeks FULL MOON tackles the financial sector of your chart. You may feel compelled to be present to everyone else that needs your aid. However with MARS retrograde, you may have regrets, so be aware to slow down.

Pisces - You may find yourself shifting into full gear this week as your priority is placed on your partnerships with this weeks FULL MOON opposite your own sign.  Also, a  good time to seek legal help is you need it, and/or to sign documents or agreements of any kind. However as always read between the lines, as well as the fine print.