You'll hatch plenty of new ideas this week as MERCURY the planet of chat enters idealistic Pisces on March 17! Also, be on the lookout for social opportunities once VENUS  mixes with transiting Jupiter on March 17 and sextiles Uranus on March 18. Lastly, the SUN'S entrance into bold Aries on March 20 brings not only a fresh start, but the Spring Equinox as well! The SUN in Aries on MARCH 20, signals the true beginning of the astrological New Year and conjoins an extremely energizing Uranus in Aries. Its intensity cautions you to slow down and pace yourself, as its influence is tied to Mars (ruler Aries) the planet of action.

MONDAY - MERCURY ENTERS IMAGINATIVE PISCES -Time to put your thinking cap on, and use your imagination. As communicative Mercury enters this imaginative, sensitive, nostalgic sign of Pisces, it's time to quiet yourself.  Remember, the more you listen, the more you'll hear. Intuition will be at its peak, and if you pay attention to what people aren'tsaying, you'll be able to read between the lines -- something that will help you make smart decisions. This is an excellent transit to give your logical mind a break and instead trust your feelings and hunches. Why not read poetry, watch birds, or enjoy a quiet sunset? It's in silence, after all, where the answers you seek are to be found. Mercury will remain in Pisces until April 8th.  

Aries: The transiting SUN in your own sign week illuminates you, signaling a time to start fresh, begin a new venture, take on a new project. It’s also your time to be on stage. The spotlight is not only on what you do, but also on everyone around you. In addition, a great time to use your instincts. Time to get in touch with your inner guides.

Taurus - A strong week for intuition as transiting SUN occupies your area of thought It's time to  get rid of the clutter. Time for your instincts to kick in.Also you may find your instincts kicking in as far as friendships are concerned. Trust your gut.  

Gemini - Friendships play a major role this week. Good week for entertaining. Also, time to manifest your dreams as the SUN moving into Aries occupies your 11th house of goals and friends. However, your career aspects may be in a flux. Pay attention.

Cancer - As the upcoming SUN hovers over your area of career, it is your time to put your best foot forward. You may be unexpectedly be noticed by those in authority. Also, you may find yourself a lot more introspective than usual.  

Leo - Perfect time to travel/ be more creative or just focus on something that will enhance your currents interests as the SUN  takes place in your 9th house of higher thinking. Moreover, money matters may be sticky. Pay attention to your signals.

Virgo : With this weeks transiting SUN along with Uranus, hitting your money house, this can be a good time to get your money resources in order. Time to replace your financial woes kick in. Much depends on how you have handled your money in the past. Also, relationships both personal and business could be a great source of support for you.

Libra - The light is shining on your partnerships/buisness or personal related. Good week to work through issues that have been left on the back burner. If someone is doing something they should not be doing, this could be a tell all cycle. In addition, you may find yourself on a health kick this month. Good time to get your engine going.

Scorpio - Focus on health /fitness, or just start focusing on some good eating habits as the SUN  takes place in your 6th house of personal patterns and goals.Also matters of the heart are very sentimental this month.

Sagittarius -Great time for speculation - the ball is in your court! Love can be interesting as well as wild this week, as th SUN AND URANUS take place in your area of fun. Anything goes. In addition, it's time to also pay attention to your home base.  

Capricorn - You may be feeling a bit out of sorts this week. Your need to have your space is well indicated. Also, time to come clean with yourself about what it is you truly want. The home front is the focus this week - a strong cycle for being with family, friends and getting things done. Also, your communication skills are really at their peak this week.

Aquarius - - You may be under scrutiny at work, so it’s important to watch for the signals as well as your words with this weeks SUN traveling  in your area of chat. Also, your money situation may start to turn around within a few weeks or so as MERCURY in your money could lend some positive thoughts.  


Pisces - Though you tend to be rather reserved, you may find yourself a bit more vocal than usual as MERCURY takes place in your own sign.  Also, do not be too hasty when spending. The transiting Sun and Uranus could trigger the desire to be a bit more indulgent where money is concerned.