This weeks planetary setup is dominates by some heavy cardinal influences. First, the transiting Sun in ARIES connects with transiting Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, so be aware of intense interactions with those around you.  As Mercury, the planet of chat, trines transiting Saturn you may find your mind a lot more clearer than you expected it to be. On April 1, the transiting SUN creates an intense obstacle to transiting Jupiter. Watch your pennies, work may be stressful. April 2, URANUS the planet of the unexpected, anything goes. On April 3, the SUN is at odds with transiting PLUTO. Time to break down old barriers and build new and better ones. Toward the end of the week on April 5, VENUS, the planet of love enters dreamy, sensitive PISCES, bringing nostalgia and sentiment to the cosmos, softening the influences around it. Just remember, you may need to be fully focused on everything you do as the ARIES SUN connects with these influences. JUPITER in CANCER wants to nest, while the SUN in ARIES wants to unleash, socialize and circulate. Good common sense, as well as patience is much needed to acclimate.

Aries – During this week as the SUN continues in your own sign, you may find yourself in a dither as you try to balance between work and home. Also, health and fitness take center stage.  Time to really buckle down  and getting serious.

Taurus - An interesting transit regarding love, whether existing or new. This is a time where you may find yourself torn between getting what you want and getting what you need. As an alternative, and as  the planets continue in transit, you may see yourself choosing to isolate.  

Gemini – Lots of movement in your area of home as your need to change things,  around a bit really has you flustered. Know that it’s all about timing. In addition, your money situation may be in a flux. Time to tighten the purse strings. Don’t be too generous!

Cancer – As JUPITER takes place in your own sign, this is your week to shine and express yourself to all that will listen. A good cycle/transit as your need to voice is well heard loud and clear. Also work matters may cause

Leo – Your money situation may be on a roller coaster ride as this weeks aspect hits you where it hurts. Be aware that timing is the key, pay attention to what is going out not what is coming in.  Also you may get an unexpected visit this week, possibly someone from your past?

Virgo – As the transiting SUN creates an obstacle to your SUN, you may feel a sudden weight has been added to your already busy life style. Time for some minor restructuring in your everyday plans.Also, know that with every transit there is always a solution. Your solution is pacing yourself and not analyzing everything to death.

Libra – This week you may begin to feel really tied down to obligations that have left you holding the bag. Time to purge yourself of responsibilities that have lingered. Between work and home you have your hands full. In addition, maybe seek out friends as a source of support.

Scorpio – As you shift between through friendships, new and old you may find yourself reevaluating your life. A time to really key in on where you need to be with yourself this week. Getting your priorities and goals together is what counts.

Sag – Your work situation may begin to feel a bit heavy, this transit till last until July 2, 2014. It’s important that during this transit that you pay very close attention to small details. In addition, you may also see yourself taking chances with money you don’t have. Time to put your self in the real zone.

Capricorn -Your mind may be on overload this week as your need to discover alternatives in your way of life are highly indicated. A good time to really change your perspective on how you do things.

Aquarius – So many financial obligations creeping in, time to really take a look at what is happening around you. Trust can be a funny thing; read between the lines.

Pisces – Your partnership house may be going through some major transition as you see yourself really trying hard to relate. Also, know that secrecy plays a key role in your interactions