This week some challenging transits as the SUN in ARIES confronts JUPITER, URANUS AND PLUTO during the first few weeks. Tread carefully and be aware that during this time nerves are at their peak, and reactions are immediate. Towards the end of the week, however VENUS, the planet of pleasure and play moves in the nostalgic, sentimental sign of PISCES. This transit may give your romantic life a big boost, and may also get your creative juices going.  Sentiments are at their best, while love can blossom during this transit.

Aries – With SUN transiting in Aries, you are still in the limelight, however challenges through work and home have you pulled in so many directions. Time to just coast. Fighting it creates more of a distraction from your everyday routine.  Also, love emerges from the past with VENUS, the planet of romance, taking place in your are of thought.  Taurus- An interesting transit regarding friendships, whether existing or new. This is a time where you may find yourself expanding your dance card. Anything can happen during this transit, your dreams are your own. Also, with PLUTO in Capricorn and JUPITER in CANCER, you may find yourself doing fairly well.

Gemini – Lots of movement in your area of money, with JUPITER hitting your 2nd house of finance, as your need to change things, move things around a bit really has you flustered. Know that, it’s all about pacing yourself to make sure to get it right. Also, a good week to settle in with family and friends as the SUN travels in your area of friendships.

Cancer – This is your week to shine and express yourself to all that will listen. A good cycle/transit as your need to voice is well indicated, loud and clear.

Leo – You really have been on a roller coaster ride since October 2012 as SATURN in SCORPIO has been hitting you in a most intense way. Your finances have been in a tizzy and your area of home has had you feeling overwhelmed. Be aware that timing is the key, pay attention to what is going in and  what is going out.

Virgo – With all the cardinal planets in a uproar you would do well to just create some sort of balance for yourself. Timing is everything. However your money house may be doing surprisingly well with the transiting SUN in your 8th house of finance. Time to put your thinking cap on. If necessary gain the insight from an expert. Also, personal relationships could be flourishing. It is up to you to keep the ball  moving.

Libra – This week as the SUN takes place in your area of partners, you may begin to feel really tied down to obligations that have left you holding the bag. In addition, as JUPITER hits your career house, and PLUTO pulls from your area of home, you may find yourself moving a hundred miles a minute. Take each situation in stride and don’t get ahead of the game plane.

Scorpio –With the cosmic influences hitting us, you may find yourself drifting in and out of relationships.  A time to really key in on where you need to be with yourself this month. Setting the right priorities and goals. Also, your taking a personal inventory is much needed at this time, working through some unresolved matters from the past may be cleansing.

Sagittarius  - You may find that your work load is over booked and you may see yourself finally buckling down and focusing on doing what you need to do to keep things right. This is your week to finally take stock of situations that have left you hanging. Specifically speaking, relationships, both personal and work related. It’s time for you set things right.

Capricorn -Your mind may be on overload this week as your need to discover alternatives in your way of life are highly indicated. A good time to really change your perspective on how you do things. Both work and home seem to be in a dither this week. Know that with this week/month may be in a frenzy.

Aquarius –  As SATURN continues to move through SCORPIO, you find yourself taking from Peter to give Paul. So many financial obligations creeping in, time to really take a look at what is happening around you. Also, JUPITER in CANCER taking place in your area of health beckons you to be more aware of what your body signals are telling you.

Pisces – Your partnership house may be going through some major transition as you see yourself really trying hard to relate. Also, know that secrecy plays a key role in your everyday  interactions. Stop trying to placate and get to the point. Also, with the transits of the cardinal planets favorably hovering over you, this may be your time to get yourself on the right track.