A LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs when the shadow of the MOON is on the EARTH, the SUN, MOON and EARTH are perfectly aligned together. A week to two days before and after a LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs, there is an anxiety in the air, most of us feel anxious and overwhelmed. Intuition is aroused during this time, emotional sensitivities occur, and there is a sort of clearing away of  blockage that takes place. It’s a very spiritual experience to say the least.

A LUNAR ECLIPSE in Libra on April 15 (opposite the Sun in Aries), will affect people born with personal planets in (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly. An ECLIPSE of the MOON reinforces a completion of something. This LUNAR ECLIPSE can be peaceful( depending how what is taking place in our own charts),  as it is taking place in the balanced, partnership sign of LIBRA. Therefore partnerships, both work and personal be most affected. Good time to clear the air with unresolved matters.

Aries: March 21-April 20 - The FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Libra  brings life to partnerships as it draws your energy in. Partnerships both new and existing take on a new perspective.  It’s a chance of the draw. Anything can happen during this transit.  Also, your financial situation may ease up considerably within the next few weeks.  In fact, you may discover that you’re much more ahead than you thought you were.

Taurus April – May 21- The FULL MOON ECLIPSE in your 6th house of health focuses on discipline. Time to get yourself back on track fitness or diet related.  Be aware of the fact the much can be said about patience and motivation. Also, emotions may run high, so be aware of your sensitivity level.


Gemini ( May 22-June 21) – Speculation may run high this week as your prospects for gain goes uncharted. Anything can happen during a 5th HOUSE ECLIPSE. Easy come, easy go is the motto.  Interestingly enough this also relates to matters of the heart. So guard your heart with armor, yet be open and receptive, although with ease and caution.

Cancer ( June 22-July 23)- Your home life may be a total flux as the FULL MOON ECLIPSE occupies your personal space. It’s important to take stock of every given situation that needs to be done. Focus in on the priorities. However also be aware that emotions can be sincere yet confusing all at the same time.

Leo ( July 24-Aug 23)-  Your area of work may undergo a change as you see yourself pulling away from your present position. Also, your love life may shift a bit for the better ..however your,  tolerance level is still uncharted. Also the FULL MOON ECLIPSE occupies your area of communication may cause you to speak out of turn. Be careful with delivery.

Virgo ( Aug 24-Sept 23)- For most Virgo’s security is always the key, therefore during this particular FULL MOON ECLIPSE it’s very important that you pay attention to your instincts. Time to put yourself into a financial gear. In addition, though analytical as you are, emotions can still run rampant. So pull back if need be and assess.

Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23)-  The FULL MOON in your own sign sheds light on all that surrounds you. In actuality it illuminates you. Know that during the next few weeks, it is important that you are careful when making personal decisions. Moreover, this is a period in which your logic counts and your heart is put on the back burner.

Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)-  A 12th house FULL MOON ECLIPSE places importance on your past, this can be a time to purge, clean house, or merely let go of what has been hanging on for a long time. It’s a period in which you sort through any unresolved matters that need attention. It’s a healing period as well as a time of clarification.

Sagittarius ( Nov 23-Dec 21)- So much of your life depends on what you give to other people.  This is  clearly a time to  focus on yourself  your own needs and priorities. Changes are a definite, but much for the better as the FULL MOON ECLIPSE occupies your area of friendships. You may be networking a bit more, or just mingling a lot!

Cap – This weeks FULL MOON ECLIPSE hovers over the zenith part of your chart; your career. This transit  highlights goals and ambition, or on the flip side, if not done properly, plenty of  aggravation. Take this time to focus on your given priorities, while not focusing on greater expectations.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)  The FULL MOON in your area of higher thinking brings you into a more  introspective, intuitive place, heightening your sensitivity process as well as encouraging you to look at life from different perspectives.  To some degree you may feel as though you are totally  lost in your head.  A good time to just sit and reflect.

Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20)-  With the LUNAR ECLIPSE hitting the financial sector of your chart, your money cycle and your home life  undergo’s a shift; also your relationships may feel a bit out of whack.   Nonetheless, you may find yourself letting go of obstacles that have barricaded your path. So in many ways this can be a sort of clearing out period.