“Eclipses mark times of cosmic redirection and energy shifts…AN ECLIPSE occurs when the Sun and the MOON align closely together blocking the light of the SUN from the earth. Life as we know it tends to speed up during an Eclipse and intuition and awareness is heightened. Though this particular ECLIPSE is taking place in a very earthy stubborn sign that is completely resistant to change, it may force change and in doing so it may allow for personal growth. It’s important that during and after an ECLIPSE occurs, that you make room in your head and in your heart, and for things that call for your attention."


Aries – The upcoming SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 28 in the earthy, stubborn sign of TAURUS brings a sense of completion to money related matters as well as personal values.. This period allows you to open your mind to a new way of thinking where financial needs are met. It also brings to light your need to foster what it is you already have.

Taurus – TRANSFORMATION! Time to redefine most given priorities. You may find that during this weeks Solar eclipse, your need to expand beyond your higher self is well aspected. The intense desire to learn, take in information is clearly a strong aspect of this transit. Also, physical changes may occur where you begin to slowly begin to accept the changes that occur. Which in fact can be for the better!

Gemini – This particular ECLIPSE in TAURUS is about reaching an higher awareness, searching for more answers, stepping out of the box and closing the door on past and negative ties & thoughts. As the week progresses, you may find yourself seeking a much higher path. Your attitude about life in general may shift for the better. Also you may find yourself drawn to getting away, taking a small trip or just focusing on being a bit more creative.

Cancer – With so much emphasis on friendships, both work and personal related, you would do well to just go with the flow. This weeks SOLAR ECLIPSE can be strong as it pulls the energy from your relationships in to yourself. Also you may find yourself pulling away from authority figures, focusing more on what you and need.

Leo – Because you are ruled by the SUN, this particular ECLIPSE will indeed trigger your energy core. Specifically speaking, as it HOVERS over the zenith part of your chart, your true aspirations come to light. The rules of the game may change, however your strategy remains true.

Virgo – A SOLAR ECLIPSE may bring about attitude changes in your own belief systems as you begin to look at life from a different angle. Love matters new or existing can be rather unpredictable this week as the Solar Eclipse can cause you to be in a dither. Time to buckle down and put your thinking hat on before reacting to petty annoyances.

Libra – Unusual shifts in your money relating to business or some sort of partnership may occur during this particular SOLAR ECLIPSE. There could also be some financial opportunities that suddenly develop. Interesting drama surrounding friends and family could suddenly arise. .

Scorpio – You may discover yourself to be well versed this week as the SOLAR ECLIPSE adds strength to your mode of everyday communication. This can be a really strong cycle for you to express your inner thoughts. Also, love matters, partnerships are tested and clearly defined during this period. ..

Sagittarius – Your spending habits could be curtailed, and this transit of the eclipse hitting your money house may only help you in your desire. Job changes could occur within the next few months, and you may feel a sudden need to watch your diet, create a new health regime. The ECLIPSE taking place in your 6th house is all about responsibilities.

Capricorn – With this weeks ECLIPSE hitting your 5th house, matters of the heart can be confusing, giving off weird signals. Therefore, pace yourself before jumping or starting something you cannot finish. Also,.you could unexpectedly meet someone, or someone from your past may suddenly resurface. Either way, your romance house is definitely changing.

Aquarius –Home and family are affected this week by this weeks SOLAR ECLIPSE. Life-changing events may occur, however some for the better. You may alsosee yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. Family and friends may be in their own flux causing you to feel awkward in your need to help. Provide some comfort but don’t get too caught up.  Let them figure it out.

Pisces – Though secretive and somewhat quiet at heart, you may find yourself spilling the beans this week as the SOLAR ECLIPSE hits your area of chat. More importantly you may find yourself more creative and insightful than ever. A good period to get those creative juices brewing. In addition, be extra careful when traveling.