VENUS, the planet of love, enters ARIES on May 3, 2014 bringing with it a spark of light as it enhances the transiting Sun in TAURUS. With so many planets on conflict with one another this is a nice little change.  The intensity of this transit is intensified by PLUTO and transiting MARS in conflict with transiting VENUS, forcing a bit of a shift into a more serious direction. However,  this transit, which lasts until May 28, will spark your passion, so make sure to be present for whatever it may bring.  

Aries –VENUS entering the sign of Aries on May 3 adds a bit of spark to your unique personality, an extra dose of charisma and challenge. Time to start a new project, focus on your health, and kick yourself in gear for spring.

Taurus- An interesting transit regarding love, whether existing or new as VENUS transits your area of thought. This is a time where you may find yourself really trying to get it right as past issues may force you to be aware of old habits. It's time to purge yourself and bring in some fresh thoughts and ideas.

Gemini – Lots of movement in your area of social encounters and friendships, as your need to rethink your present relationships has you in a flux. Know that, it's all about attitude and getting it right as VENUS transits your area of friends and goals.  

Cancer – AS VENUS hovers over the zenith part of your chart, this is your week to shine and express yourself to all that will listen. A good cycle/transit as your need to voice is well indicated, loud and clear. Also, a great week to cycle in some R & R, although the tension between work and home may have you feeling pulled in a zillion directions.

Leo – Your money situation may be on a roller coaster ride as this weeks aspect hits you where it hurts. Be aware that timing is the key, pay attention to what is going in ans what is going out. However VENUS transiting your area of thought may provide you with all the inspiration you need to get yourself back on track. In addition, the trine to your natal SUN creates enthusiasm. all around.

Virgo – As SATURN continues to sextile your own sign you may  continue to feel that weight less burdened where work and home is concerned. However on the flip side tension could mount as VENUS, the planet of  pleasure and play circulates your money house in a stress ful way. Time to reconstruct your financial picture, perhaps?

Libra – This week you may begin to feel really tied down to relationship obligations as VENUS in your  area of partnerships requests your direct attention. Time to focus on where your given priorities lay. Also, a great week to pay attention to security measures with PLUTO transiting your area of home. Better to be careful than sorry.

Scorpio –  You're in the health zone this month as VENUS transiting your 6th house of health and fitness reinforces alternatives when dealing with better health. Also a great period to do something different like focusing on your culinary skills, work out, or merely get your finances in order. Taking responsibility a bit more seriously is the key.

Sagittarius  - Matters of the heart may be intense during this time as VENUS traveling through your area of love encourages you to step out the of your personal box maybe seek out solutions.  Also, speculation can be interesting as well as bountiful, however think before you leap. It's important that during this transit that you pay very close attention to small details.

Capricorn -Your mind and home life may be on overload this month as your need to discover alternatives in your way of living are highly indicated. A good time to change your perspective on what it is you truly want and/or desire. Also, family matters may have you feeling pressured. As difficult as it may be for you, it's time to sit down and communicate your feelings.

Aquarius  – So many financial and work obligations creeping in, time to really take a look at what is happening around you. Trust can be a funny thing, time to read between the lines. Also your ability to express yourself is clearly your gift, that is once you are comfortable with your audience. However with VENUS transiting your area of chat, you may find yourself chattier than ever, and more inclined to be creative with your words!  

Pisces – Though your focus is not entirely on money, this is a period where your instincts for financial security really kick in. VENUS traveling through your money house enhances your ability to generate more income while doing what it is you do best.  Also a great period to get those creative juices going.