Prepare for Mercury turning retrograde June 7, 2014 through Jul 2, 2014 from the emotional, MOON RULED sign of CANCER, info the chatty, social sign of GEMINI. Be careful of not only what you say but how it is being said. You may discover family issues to be a bit more intense during this time, unnecessary arguments, as well as speaking out of turn.
In general terms, Mercury rules thinking, perception, processing, and all means of communication. It is wise not make any major important decisions  while Mercury is in retrograde, instead, think things through very carefully.
ARIES  Family dynamics are certainly put to the test this week as MERCURY the planet of chat retrogrades in Cancer. You may decide to suddenly work on matters that have been left on the back burner. Maybe, getting in touch with old friends, that you have not seen for a while. It's all about revisiting old memories, as well as putting some to rest.
TAURUS - With MERCURY taking place in your area of communication, moving into your 2nd house of money, revisions are likely during this time as you may spend much of your time rehashing and rehearsing old dialogue. You may find yourself addressing issues relating to siblings, neighbors, or even old friends. This is not the best time to sign contracts, or to buy real estate. However a great planning period for all.
GEMINI - You may spend some time reviewing your financial situations, or even take time to take a personal inventory of yourself. This is the time to pact old wounds, take complete control of your life and do what you need to do to keep yourself moving in the right direction. Also a great cycle for getting yourself in gear for summer, planing a vacation. Implementing after July 2.
CANCER - With MERCURY taking place in your own sign, moving into GEMINI, you may find yourself totally overwhelmed by what is taking place around you. Time to heal, clean out matters from the past, put so many things behind you, moving forward. You may find yourself pondering, thinking about what you should or could have done, versus what you need to do to move forward. Also, a great period to plan a health regimen.
LEO - If you have unresolved family matters to tend to, or anything that needs to surface, this MERCURY retrograde could be the nugget of wealth as it probes your past and allows situations to surface, clearing out anxieties, and matters that have needed your attention. Also, you may discover yourself a bit more reflective than usual. Ands your abilities to connect with friends, and co-workers become less stressed and more at ease.
VIRGO - As MERCURY travels through your area of friendships, your desire to mingle and re-connect with old friends becomes a priority as well as a desire. However out of the blue, people from the past will make their way to you. This is a great week to focus on goals, revisit your dreams, and may be turn them into reality.
LIBRA - With MERCURY traveling through the ZENITH part of your chart, hovering over your career house, you may find yourself back tracking, and re-evaluating goals and ideals, needs and wants. This is a period in which you truly reach  for the stars., to get what you so deserve. Also, be aware that your voice may be heard during this transit, so prepare to speak up and ask for what you want and need.
SCORPIO - As MERCURY, the planet of chat travels into your area of higher aspirations, you are tempted to travel, take a class, or so something extra to increase insight. This can be a learning period as your awareness is heightened. However if traveling, be aware that plans could change and/or you may find yourself questioning whether or not your decision was whole.
SAGITTARIUS - This MERCURY retrograde could trigger unexpected financial issues, it's a time when you question money coming in and money going out. Also, delays could occur with regard to money that is expected to arrive. It's a questionable time in which every move you make relates to finances whether good or bad.
CAPRICORN - Partnerships whether personal or work related matters are the focus here, as you find yourself trying to not only hear but to listen to what is being said.  A very intense cycle for you, as you and those concerned may be looking at life through a completely different angle. It could also trigger unfinished arguments from the past, and rehashing of old news.
AQUARIUS- Plenty of red tape over the next few weeks as your priority has you clearing up work that needs your immediate attention. MERCURAY traveling through your 6th house may trigger left over matters as well as the desire to focus on health and fitness. Time to pay closer attention to your body's signals.
PISCES - Time to get those creative juices going, consider maybe taking on a new adventure, maybe stepping out of the box a bit. However it's important that no matter what you do, to implement after Julu 2, yet plan accordingly. Also, this period denotes a time where you actually begin to shake things up a bit regarding matters of the heart. You can always run, but you cannot always hide.